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13th July 2017
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Making memories

It is inevitable that as we live our lives, we encounter endless new things, see a whole spectrum of exciting sights and experience a multitude of memorable moments. These events and experiences are often too easily forgotten, yet if preserved, can evoke a nostalgic happiness.

Taking inspiration from botanical collections, vintage diaries, scrapbooks and the MAYCOTTMADISON and WOODLAND WALK collections, we would like to share some of our ideas for creatively curating and displaying memories and mementos.


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One really simple way to capture and preserve a memory is to press some leaves or flowers and incorporate them in a wall display. Whether collected on a country walk, from the garden or a birthday bouquet, they are sure to serve as permanent reminders of a special moment and would look stunning combined with fabrics or wallpapers such as ANGEL FERNSAMY or WOODLAND FERNS which feature intiricate green ferns and foliage.

Learn how to make your very own pressed flower memory frame HERE.


Turning memories into a perfectly personalised gift is a present that will be treasured forever and will give an extra special touch to your home.

Collect meaningful objects from a special event such as a wedding, christening or birthday and present them in a vintage inspired, distressed picture frame.


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Soft, neutral, sepia tones are naturally associated with days gone by. The warmth and textures of natural materials combined with beautifully simple designs act as reminders of the wonders of the natural world.


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Time spent surrounded by nature can be hugely beneficial for happiness and wellbeing and will also bombard the senses with memorable sights, sounds and smells. Taking a little time to appreciate the detailing in leaf or bark and then capturing the essence through a drawing or hand-stitched embroidery, will help store a memory for eternity.

If you lack the skills or the patience to stitch your own embroidery, perhaps the OAK FILIGREE or FERN EMBROIDERY in our WOODLAND WALK collection could be the perfect substitute?


Special memories need not be related to a special event or occasion. Over time, the simplest things can hold the most powerful and evocative memories. Consider taking a photo of a new addition to the family every day for their first year. Thoughts, sketches or small souvenirs collected in a journal, scrapbook or album will bring joy for years to come.


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Choose a fresh, crisp, natural palette and combine them with vintage hardashery, handstitch and handwritten captions. The result will stand the test of time and be something you and your loved ones will never tire of revisiting.

Creatively capturing your memories is so rewarding but be sure to remember,


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